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We Are More Than Our Deaths

In Feb/02 the news started leaking out that street women from the lower east side of Vancouver, B.C. were being slaughtered at a pig farm in Port Coquitlam. We watched in horror as more and more information, official and unofficial, came out. How could this happen here in our community and for so long? We were changed forever, to one degree or another.

26 charges of murder were laid against Robert Pickton, one of the owners of the farm. Twenty-six women who were sisters, mothers & daughters. The people who loved them made sure their stories were told, that we knew they were more than their deaths.

I know there are so many more than have named here, women whose names we will likely never know. The 26 names represent all those other women who are missing all over the world.

My prayer for their loved ones is that the good memories of these women become, in time,                             bigger and louder then the details of their deaths.

Those who are remembered live.

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