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Like I Made it for Kerry’s New Living Room!

My dear friend Kerry just re-did her living room, from wonderful to sleek and stylish. Nice work K! What a delightful surprise when I arrived to find one of my carafe/vases fitting in perfect with her new colour scheme, as if I had done it one purpose. So I just had to share the pic with you…


Welcome to Donnae’s gallery of clay work!

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I am delighted to present the ongoing manifestations of my passion/obsession with clay. During my 10 year affair with mud, my pottery has developed into 2 directions-sculptural & sculpturally functional. It is my hope that you will enjoy the results as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Sometimes I blog about my creative endeavours and perspectives hoping to start a conversation about the processes that creative people go through in whatever medium they chose to do it in. I’d love some feedback and ideas and if you’d like to follow my journey I would be honoured, just click “follow me” on the right side of the page.